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Our range of optical and optometry products caters to each of your family’s needs. Whether you’re looking for designer eyewear for a new look, or optical training tools for your little one, we have you covered. Come and see for yourself.
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Thanks to advances in refractive lens implants and intraocular lens technology, you can say goodbye to cataracts, retinal conditions – and even glasses. In our dedicated eye clinic, our ophthalmic experts perform a huge range of eye care procedures under one roof. Eyesight is precious. Trust the experts to look after yours.
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Your eyes are as unique as you are, and our tailored treatments reflect that. Discuss the best vision correction procedure or laser surgery for your eyes with one of our experienced eye surgeons, so you can make a fully-informed decision. Improved Eyesight, Freedom from Glasses, or 20/20 Vision are within sight

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Treatments for myopia (short-sightedness)

Myopia is the medical term for short-sightedness, or near-sightedness. If you are short-sighted, you see objects more clearly when they are close to you, while your distance vision may be blurry. Reading and using a computer may not present any problems at all, but recognizing people from a distance, reading road signs, or sitting in the back row at a cinema may be challenging or frustrating.

How is myopia treated?

There are several different treatment options for myopia. The treatment that will be most effective for you depends on several factors including the degree to which your vision is unclear, the shape of your eyes, and your lifestyle. While the results from a visual acuity test will determine the strength of your prescription, having a physical eye exam will give you a clear picture of your overall eye health. Optometry products such as eye glasses or contact lenses are just one of several ways to correct your vision. An eye doctor will also be able to explain all the other treatment options available during your personal consultation.

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